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Heather Frank
USA Swim Coach

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since 1993

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What Our Clients Say

From left, Melanie Gray, Benjamin Shearer, Mike Nachreiner, Heather Frank, Mike Frank.

"This past year Coach Heather has guided me to my full potential.  From not being able to swim 50 yards to swimming over a mile, from not being able to run 1 mile to running a half and soon a full marathon. Without her guidance I would have fallen apart long ago.  Her coaching strategy was absolutely perfect for me.  I can't wait to continue to train with her and everyone at TriCoreSwim."

artart"Heather is great at coaching athletes; she knows what aspects to focus on for training to help each athlete obtain their individual goals.

Heather treats each client on an individual basis and modifies everyone's training to what their abilities are; she also makes contact with you to make sure questions get answered so your training time is used to its full potential.

I started training with Heather and before last summer my only exercising consisted of weight activities in the gym. I decided to switch up my training and start to do more cardio work and thought I would try out triathlons.

Mike Nachreiner with other triathletes at the
Lake Geneva event.

Before working out with Heather I was pretty much one-sided as a weight lifter and sport-specific training. I played football in college and have experience working with trainers whose expertise is in being explosive and powerful. I had no background in running distances, I didn't own a bike, and the only swimming I was used to was with a raft and sunglasses on. 

Mike Nachreiner and Lani both trained with Heather Frank; both placed at the Wisconsin Rapids sprint tri.

I decided to work with Heather because I had no idea what I needed to do to get myself ready to be able to participate in a race. Heather was great at taking what I knew from past training with weights and sprint running and using it to my advantage. 

Last year I ended up doing my first sprint tri in Wisconsin Rapids and I placed second in my age group. Along with the Wisconsin Rapids race I also did the Pardeeville and Portage sprints, one Aquathon Series race in Milwaukee, and finished up the season with the Lake Geneva Olympic distance tri. 

Heather does a great job preparing you physically and mentally for events so the race is not miserable for you and there are no surprises. She prepares you just like she prepares herself for a race and shares her own personal experiences to help answer any uncertainties you might have."

Mike Nachreiner, Portage, Wisconsin

art"Heather's immense experience and expertise in triathlon allow her to give extremely valuable race day knowledge that helped me have an awesome IM Wisconsin experience.

Heather has a sixth sense when it comes to training, she knows exactly what I need to help me achieve my peak performance." 

Bryan Rud, Portage, Wisconsin

Lani Williams (center) with Mike Frank (left) and Mike Nachreiner (right).

"I was someone who watched triathlons and was so disappointed that I could not participate, because I did not know how to swim. My background had only been running.

I made the decision I wanted to do a sprint triathlon. I worked with one coach and was told there wasn’t enough time to learn how to swim for the triathlon later that summer. I found Heather Frank. We met and I told her my situation, which was this: I was extremely scared of the water and couldn’t swim at all.  

atyThe first thing Heather said is “you can learn how to swim.”  Heather spent countless hours working with me to get ready. Eight weeks later, I completed my first sprint triathlon. As I came out of the water with tears, Heather was standing there smiling and said, “I told you that you could do it." 

Heather has trained me for triathlons, half-marathons, 5K runs, RAGNAR (ran 45 miles), and even master swim classes. Each year I’m improving my times dramatically and have begun to take home hardware each season within my age group. 

art I was able to complete my first Olympic triathlon and I'm hopeful that Ironman is in my near future!

Heather is unique with her one-on-one training.  She holds you accountable to put the time in, communicates with you daily, and listens to you. She honestly has a gift of being a coach/teacher and ultimately believes in you.  I highly recommend Heather for any swimming, biking, or running training as she is the real deal and takes the time to care about you."

Lani Williams

lorraine"Swimming a five-mile open water race looked impossibily daunting.  Heather believed in me when I was doubting. She created a training plan that built my form, endurance, and speed to make the big swim a pleasure."

Lorraine Ortner-Blake, age 51, Portage, Wisconsin


mielke"The 2007 Silver Lake Triathlon was my first triathlon. I immediately became addicted!  

I was happy with being an average finisher. I never thought I could medal in this sport. But Heather has helped me over the years become a better athlete and live a healthier lifestyle! Without her knowledge, motivation, and support I could not have medaled in 5 out 5 races in 2011! "

Angie Mielke, Portage, Wisconsin

steve"I went from being a snow plow in the water to actually having good technique.  I’ve learned a lot from Heather over the years, from proper technique, drills and swim workouts.  Enough to help me swim a sub-7-minute 400 meter at the Portage Tri in August. Thanks Heather!"

Steve Ross, Portage, Wisconsin

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